Press Review

June 2022

05.06.2022 National Post: Ukraine’s defeat would be a huge blow to LGBTQ rights
Ukraine has made great progress in recent years, but all could be lost if Russia’s invasion proves successful. see the page

May 2022

03.05.2022 UNAIDS: How the war in Ukraine has impacted LGBTI people
Before the war, the primary focus of ALLIANCE.GLOBAL was public health, HIV prevention, monitoring of violations of human rights and national LGBTI advocacy. But the war has brought about new urgent tasks. see the page

April 2022

12.04.2022 The Urban Activist: One war, two fights: LGBTQ activists in Kyiv
LGBTQ activists in Kyiv have made great progress on their rights. Now at war, they say information is being weaponized to shut them down. see the page

March 2022

08.03.2022 CBC Metro Morning with Ismaila Alfa
For LGBTIQ refugees in Ukraine, escaping Ukraine comes with a different set of challenges. Andrew Kushnir is a Ukrainian-Canadian playwright who has been in touch with friends in Ukraine. Listen

September 2021

19.09.2021 Deutsche Welle – Ukraine: Thousands march for LGBTQ rights
Kyiv’s annual gay Pride parade returned after missing a year in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite recent progress, homophobia and opposition to same-sex partnerships remain high in Ukraine. story 1   story 2

19.09.2021 Reuters – Thousands march for LGBTQ+ rights in Ukraine
Thousands of people including soldiers and diplomats marched peacefully through the Ukrainian capital on Sunday in an annual gay pride parade despite some opposition to an event called off last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.   see the page

September 2019

15.09.2019 Radio Liberty – Ukraine’s Second-Largest City, Kharkiv, Holds First Gay-Pride March
Thousands of gay and lesbian activists and supporters paraded in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, marking the city’s first pride march.   see the page

August 2019

31.08.2019 – SOGI Campaigns: Happy Pride, Odesa!
The 4th Pride march took place in Odesa on August 31, 2019. It has come a long way since the total ban in 2015. This year it took place in the open with little police protection. A transformation that kept organiser happy. Olena Hanich from Gay Alliance Ukraine reports.   see the page

31.08.2019 – 112 UA: Equality March took place in Odesa: Three people detained
About 300 people gathered at the event for the Rights of the LGBT Community   see the page

June 2019

23.06.2019 KyivPost – 8,000 people rally for LGBTQ rights in Kyiv
Kyiv has held yet another peaceful Equality March, with a record number of 8,000 attendees rallying in the city center on June 23.   see the page

23.06.2019 Hromadske International – The Sunday Show
This Sunday Show is dedicated to KyivPride 2019. The March for Equality is expected to attract 10,000 participants making it by far the biggest LGBT event in Ukrainian history.   see the page

June 2018

17.06.2018 Radio Free Europe – “LGBT Activists Hold ‘March Of Equality’ Through Central Kyiv”
Gay-rights activists have marched through the center of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, for a pride rally, amid stepped-up security.   see the page

June 2016

12.06.2016 KyivPost- “LGBT Pride march in Kyiv held without violence”
Despite threats of violence from ultra-nationalist and right-wing groups, this year’s Kyiv Pride, dubbed the Equality March, in support of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Ukraine, passed peacefully.   see the page

12.06.2016 Reuters – “Praise from West after mostly peaceful Kiev Pride march”
Western diplomats joined gay rights activists on a Pride march in Kiev on Sunday and spoke of signs of progress on gay rights in Ukraine after the event passed off largely without incident.   see the page

10.06.2016 Deutsche Welle – “Kyiv Pride’ rally goes on despite right-wing threats”
A far-right paramilitary group threatened a “bloodbath” at the gay pride parade in Kyiv on June 12. The activists won’t be intimidated, however, and will be protected by police.   see the page

April 2016

28.04.2016 Gay Alliance Ukraine – “KyivPride announced the date for the Equality March”
The official date of the 5th International KyivPride 2016 LGBT Forum was announced. Over 20 educational and discussion events will be held in the capital from June 6 to 13.   see the page

March 2016

20.03.2016 The Guardian – “LGBT festival in Ukraine abandoned after far-right protest”
Rightwing groups surrounded hotel in Lviv where about 70 participants in the equality festival had gathered.   see the page

November 2015

12.11.2015 KyivPost – “Ukraine finally passes anti-bias law, a prerequisite for visa-free travel to EU”
In its third attempt in a week, Ukraine’s parliament passed amendments to the Labor Code on Nov. 12 that will end lingering Soviet-era workplace discrimination over sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs.   see the page

6.11.2015 – “Anti-gay law ruins Ukraine’s chances for visa-free travel”
Ukraine’s parliament yesterday (5 November) scuppered the ex-Soviet country’s chances of visa-free travel to most EU nations by blocking legislation that would have banned discrimination against gays in the workplace.   see the page

October 2015

01.10.2015 The Daily Beast – “Ukrainian LGBT Leader, Taras Karasiichuk, Seeks U.S. Asylum”
After suffering years of violent attacks and intimidation, the principal leader of the Ukrainian LGBT community is too frightened to return home.   see the page

September 2015

13.09.2015 The Telegraph – “Elton John tells Ukraine it has ‘a long way to go’ on gay rights”
British rock star took to stage at a political conference in Kiev to urge the country to choose “freedom over repression and acceptance over hatred”  see the page

August 2015

15.08.2015 AFP – “Ukraine activists scrap gay pride parade after court ban”
Gay rights activists in Ukraine have cancelled a planned pride parade Saturday in the port city of Odessa after a local court banned the event.   see the page

13.08.2015 Gay Alliance Ukraine – “Odessa court banned the Equality March”
Regional Administrative Court of Odessa has banned the March of Equality that was planned for 15th of August 2015.   see the page

12.08.2015 Gay Alliance Ukraine – “Equality March in Odesa will be guarded by over 300 police officers”
Protection of public order during the “Equality March” in Odesa will be provided by over 300 police officers. It was reported on Monday, August 10, by the Deputy Chief of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odesa region a police colonel Evgenii Rudkovskii.   see the page

July 2015

31.07.2015 KyivPost – “Gays in Donetsk face fear as Russian influence takes grip”
Like many other evening haunts, the only gay club in Russian-held Donetsk is no more. Shortly after Russian-separatists took control of the city last spring, Babylon Club shut its doors after being raided by armed men on June 8, 2014. Before the war, the club still had safety concerns given the low level of tolerance toward the LGBT community in the city.   see the page

31.07.2015 KyivPost – “Ukrainian gay couple marry in New York, plans to fight for equal rights at home”
At first, it seemed like an ordinary wedding ceremony. But for Taras Karasiychuk and Mykola Maslov, who showed up on July 1 at a Manhattan marriage bureau of the City Clerk’s Office to register their marriage, 4,664 miles away from their homeland, their big day was like no other.   see the page

25.07.2015 Washington Post – “Gay rights in Eastern Europe: A new battleground for Russia and the West”
The first time this tiny Baltic nation held a gay pride march, the minuscule crowd was pelted with rotten eggs and bottles under the copper-green spires of Riga’s medieval old city. The participants – all 40 of them – fled to safety in a church. That was a decade ago. This year’s parade drew thousands from across Europe, and the egg-throwers stayed at home.   see the page

22.07.2015 New York Times – “Summer Love: A Public Vow of Love, Doubling as an Act of Defiance”
Dressed in flashy suits, custom made to match the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag, Taras Karasiichuk and Mykola Maslov stood before a clerk at the Manhattan marriage bureau on July 1 and spoke their wedding vows.   see the page

June 2015

10.06.2015 Громадське Телебачення – “The Sunday Show”
Progress In LGBT Rights In Ukraine Needs To Happen Now Or Never — Masha Gessen.   see the page

08.06.2015 KyivPost – “Gay pride organizers say anti-homosexual sentiment remains strong, but progress being made”
Homophobia has deep roots in Ukraine, as organizers of the June 6 gay pride march rediscovered.   see the page

06.06.2015 KyivPost – “At least 25 arrested for trying to violently break up gay rights march in Kyiv; five police officers injured”
Police reportedly arrested 25 anti-gay activists for trying to violently disrupt a gay rights march in Kyiv on June 6.   see the page

06.06.2015 Rappler – “Kiev gay rights march ends in injuries, arrests”
The scuffles broke out when the police tried to keep a few dozen young men who had jumped out of a bus bearing Right Sektor insignia from attacking the peaceful marchers.   see the page

06.06.2015 UAToday – “Gay Pride march in Kyiv ends violently”
Police arrest dozens for disrupting LGBT event in capital.   see the page

06.06.2015 The Journal – “Pics: Arrests and injuries during bloody clashes at gay pride march in Kiev”
AT LEAST SEVEN people were injured and more than 20 arrested today in Kiev as scuffles broke out between members of a rare Ukrainian gay pride march and their nationalist opponents.   see the page

06.06.2015 Pink News – “Police wounded after Kyiv Pride attacked by ‘hooligans’”
Dozens of arrests have been made, after a Pride parade in Ukraine was attacked by anti-gay vigilantes.   see the page

06.06.2015 BBC – “Ukraine police hurt at Kiev gay pride rally
Five policemen have been injured in scuffles during a gay pride march in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, officials say.   see the page

06.06.2015 Mashable – “LGBT activists overcome attacks to hold ‘Equality March’ in Ukraine”
Ukraine’s LGBT community and civil rights activists overcame a flurry of violent attacks with smoke bombs and stones to carry out the country’s second-ever “Equality March” in Kiev on Saturday.   see the page

06.06.2015 KyivPost – “Right Sector threatens Kyiv gay pride march”
Anti-gay groups in Ukraine, including the militant Right Sector, are threatening to stop a gay pride march planned for June 6.   see the page

March 2015

13.03.2015 EU Observer- “One year after Euromaidan: What’s changed for gay rights?”
It’s been over a year since the “Revolution of Dignity” in Ukraine, so it’s high time to sum up: How has the human rights situation changed?   see the page

05.03.2015 The Sputnik- “A Canadian advocates for LGBTQ rights in Ukraine”
Every human being deserves to be treated equally, fairly and with respect, regardless of his or her sexual orientation. However, globally, the LGBTQ community faces severe discrimination, violence and abuse. Michelle Emson, a committed LGBTQ advocate, an award-winning speaker and an openly ‘out’ transgender woman, is working to change that in Ukraine.   see the page

February 2015

03.02.2015 Gay Alliance Ukraine – “The Head of GAU Taras Karasiichuk spoke of LGBT-problems live on HromadskeTV”
Аn executive director of UPO “Gay Alliance Ukraine” Taras Karasiichuk spoke live on Russian-language broadcast of HromadskeTV in the program dedicated to the future of Ukraine.   see the page

January 2015

19.01.2015 Foreign Policy – “Dashed Hopes in Gay Ukraine”
Ukrainians thought that, post-Maidan, their country would start to look more like Europe. But for members of the LGBT community, things may have even gotten worse.   see the page

09.01.2015 Gay Alliance Ukraine  – “Draft Labor Code of Ukraine enacted prohibiting employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation”
In December of last year the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine issued a new draft Labor Code of Ukraine. The sixth article of the document states the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation as well as the HIV positive status in employment. We quote this part of the project.   see the page

November 2014

09.11.2014 GayStarNews – “Kiev mayor: Human rights is a good thing but I will not speak up for the rights of gays and lesbians”
The mayor of the Ukranian capital was asked to support the fight for human rights after a man threw a smoke grenade in a theatre that was screening a LGBT film last month.   see the page

08.11.2014 KyivPost – “Poroshenko’s party wants to criminalize LGBT discrimination”
In response to a series of attacks in Kyiv over the past month, the party of President Petro Poroshenko said they support introducing criminal liability for discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.   see the page

July 2014

07.07.2014  The Washington Blade – “Ukrainian LGBT advocates cancel march” Ukrainian LGBT rights advocates say they cancelled a march that had been scheduled to take place in the country’s capital on July 5 because local police refused to protect them.   see the page

April 2014

03.04.2014 The Daily Beast – “The Closeted Revolution: Kiev’s Gays Keep Quiet to Deny Putin a Propaganda Win”
Ukraine’s gay activists were hoping a new, pro-EU government would distance itself from a homophobic Moscow. Now they’re facing a fresh obstacle: the European Union itself.   see the page

February 2014

27.02.2014 Global Fund for Women – “The Untold Story of the Ukrainian Revolution”
News from Ukraine is moving so fast that if you don’t look closely, you’ll miss the untold story: a revolution for and by Ukrainian women.   see the page

December 2013

19.12.2013 Deutsche Welle – “Outrage over Valery Gergiev”
Is an artist allowed to be apolitical? The designated chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra is under fire.   see the page

November 2013

9.11.2013 BuzzFeed – “The Russian Plot To Take Back Eastern Europe At The Expense Of Gay Rights hope”
Russia and its allies in countries like Ukraine are fomenting anti-gay sentiment in an effort to push back the European Union’s eastern expansion. “Now, the fight [is] between East and West, Russia and Europe — Ukraine is the field of the battle”, said one LGBT-activist.   see the page

August 2013

23.08.2013 KyivPost- “LGBTI community, human rights activists look to EU-Ukraine deal for hope”
Today it is hard to believe, but Shevchenko Park was once where all of Kyiv’s gay people came to meet…   see the page

June 2013

28.06.2013 Daily Xtra- “Risky Business”
see the page

May 2013

31.05.2013 Al Jazeera- “Ukraine’s gays fear coming out of the closet”
see the page

28.05.2013 KyivPost- “Amnesty International and the organizing committee of Kyiv Pride 2013 are very grateful to the police for maintaining law and order during Equality March 2013”
see the page

28.05.2013 Amnesty International Netherlands – “First Ever Kiev Pride 2013”
see the video

27.05.2013 KyivPost- “First ever gay pride parade in Kiev”
see the video

25.05.2013 EuroNews- “Court ban does not stop Ukraine’s first ever gay pride event”
see the video

25.05.2013 Demotix- “First gay parade and anti gay clashes take place in Kiev, Ukraine”
see the pictures

25.05.2013 GroenLinks- “Marije Cornelissen congratulates Kiev with first gay pride”
see the video

25.05.2013 The Voice of Russia- “Munich Mayor surprised of Kyiv Mayor being absent”
see the page

25.05.2013 The Voice of Russia- “LGBT community start march in defense of their rights in Kyiv”
see the page

25.05.2013 Fox News- “Dozens march peacefully in Ukraine’s first ever gay rally”
see the page

25.05.2013 KyivPost – “LGBT community holds its first ever equality march”
see the page and more

25.05.2013 BBC- “Ukraine stages first gay pride march”
see the page

25.05.2013 USA Today – “Raw: Gay rights activists march in Ukraine”
see the page

24.05.2013 Turkish Weekly- “Ukrainian activists vow to hold first gay pride despite ban”
zur Seite

19.05.2013 The Observer – “Ukraine gay pride marchers ready to defy violence”
see the page


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