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You have your own idea how to conduct a project? We can support you with all the necessary information and contacts in Ukraine to do so. Munich Kyiv Queer can put you in touch with persons in Munich and Ukraine, we have the know-how to develop your project with you, we know all of the bureaucratic procedures.

If you would like to support our work in general, you are welcome, too. We always meet on the third Tuesday of the month, at 7.30 pm, in Munich’s gay community centre Sub, Müllerstraße 14, to discuss projects, chat and have fun. Drop by, call (+49-170-18 59 705) or write.


Subscribe to our newsletter “MKQ Update” here and find out what we are doing, how Munich Kyiv Queer is helping, how we take care of your donations and what kind of plans we have in terms of political actions, culture and workshops to improve the situation of queer people in Ukraine.


The Munich based artist Naomi Lawrence, friend and former member of Munich Kyiv Queer, created the SUPER HERO CATS to honour all those who fight for the freedom, life, self-determination, equal rights and acceptance of queer people in Ukraine. As you know, we are currently supporting Ukrainian LGBTIQ* by collecting donations, organising support events and integrating refugees. Stand by our side so that we can help! The shirts, hoodies, mugs and bags are available at Munich Pride’s merch shop.

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