Roman lost his life in the battle of Kharkiv

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written by the NGO “You are not alone”

In our series “Queer people and the war” LGBTIQ* from different parts of Ukraine describe what they are going through in these days. Some have left the country, others stay and try to survive. It’s a struggle.

We commemorate the dead

Some, of course, die. Roman Tkachenko, a member of the LGBTIQ* military community of Ukraine, is one of them. On May, 31st, the 21 year old man lost his life defending Kharkiv. Click on the photo:

About eleven LGBTIQ* military people died during the war (Status of: 16th of July 2022). Roman was the only openly gay man among the eleven LGBTIQ* soldiers we know, so the names and photos of the other ones are not made public. We are with the ones mourning for them.

Help if you can

We support LGBTIQ* in the army when they need warm clothes, medicine and food. But we also help men* on the run who are not able to fight and seek shelter. Many Ukrainian LGBTIQ* organisations run such safe places and we support them.

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