Conrad Breyer thanks board members of MLC Dieter Weissenborn, Michael Schoenlein from MLC's Social Team and Andreas Brunnmüller, also board memberLesbian, gay, bi, trans*, inter*? What we are fills us with pride. In many countries homosexual, bisexual, trans* and inter* people still have to fight for recognition, such as in Ukraine and not seldomly also in Germany. We want to fight with you. We rely on your help for our campaigns and projects –  working together we can achieve a whole lot. If you want to join in you can become part of Munich Kyiv Queer. If you would like to help us with a donation, you are welcome to do so. Usually even small amounts can have a big impact. We thank you very, very much.

Our bank information

Schwules Kommunikations- und Kulturzentrum München Sub e.V.
Stadtsparkasse München
IBAN: DE06 7015 0000­ 0013 1233 85
The Munich gay center, Sub, is a registered charitable organization so donations can be set off against tax. If you give your address, the Sub will provide you with a donation receipt.

Your money strengthens our commitment

With the permission of our donors, we would like to thank all private individuals, clubs, organizations, groups and projects, who support our work with their contribution. Munich Kyiv Queer depends on your donations.

  • Michael A.
  • Markus A.
  • Stefan Block
  • Beppo Brem
  • Conrad Breyer
  • CSD-Gottesdienst in St. Lukas, München
  • Forum Homosexualität und Geschichte, München
  • Markus F.
  • Familie Geißdörfer
  • Susanne G.
  • Gay Outdoor Club (Bergmesse in memory of John Heeley and Klaus Günther)
  • Friederike Gschwind
  • Robert H.
  • Marion H.
  • Inside Out Munich e.V.
  • Kateryina Kudin
  • Detlef K.
  • Christian K.
  • Claudia K.
  • LesKult e.V.
  • Barbara L.
  • Naomi Lawrence
  • Peter L.
  • Horst Middelhoff
  • Frank M.
  • Jacqueline Mercey
  • MLC, München
  • Walter N.
  • QueerGottesdienst, München
  • Thomas Rappel, Bavarian Mr. Leather 2013
  • Claudia Rathsack
  • Christian R.
  • Hermann R.
  • Florian S.
  • Wolfgang Scheel
  • Ulrich S.
  • Schwules Kommunikations- und Kulturzentrum Sub, München
  • Sibylle von Tiedemann
  • Andreas U.
  • Peter V.
  • Martin W.
  • Sandra Zeidler and her wife

A big thank you to all our donors! Your money benefits the projects and campaigns of Munich Kyiv Queer.


  • MLC München
  • melodiva
  • rosa liste münchen
  • daneben
  • sub
  • team münchen
  • insideout munich e.V.
  • forum homosexualität münchen
  • isarhechte muenchen
  • CSD München
  • LeTra Lesbenberatungsstelle
  • münchner aids-hilfe
  • FGU
  • ga
  • insight
  • philhomoniker
  • Queergottesdienst
  • Queer Campus
  • queerpass
  • RegenbogenChor
  • Münchner Regenbogenstlftung
  • Gay Alliance Ukraine
  • LiGA
  • Megaphone
  • Tepro
  • TransMann e.V.
  • Точка Опори
  • Gender.Z
  • Sphera
  • Aufklärungsprojekt München
  • Bayerischer Jugendring
  • Diversity München
  • Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Kyjiw
  • Les Mamas
  • Queer Film Festival München
  • LesKult
  • Gorod
  • VelsPol Bayern
  • Deutsche Botschaft
  • Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat