How music helped Anton to survive

LGBTIQ* from Ukraine experience different things in these days of the war. Some have left the country. Others stay and try to live. It’s a struggle.

From time to time, they send us videos to tell their stories. This is

Anton Khanbir from Kryvyi Rih

Anton had been living in Kyiv when the war started. First, he was not afraid at all. On the contrary, he tried to prevent panic among his friends and family.

During the first few months, he has been reading the news 24/7 and volunteering. After months of intense work, he learned that his father had cancer. He moved to his hometown, Kryvyi Rih, to support his mother, and then the depression hit. Anton was like scared and paralyzed.

The depression owned him

After a certain amount of time, he found the strength to play again and his music helped him a lot through these dark times. He played for three or four hours a day, even in parks and streets. Now he’s much better and helps Munich Kyiv Queer to shoot videos. Here is one of the songs he composed.


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