September 2019 – IIIrd International Conference of parents of LGBTI*-persons

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Join us at the 2-day International Conference on Inclusive Education and Countering Bullying in Schools. The conference consists of panels and a series of thematic workshops on bullying and violence in schools in Ukraine and abroad, national experience in bullying counteraction, creating a safe school environment, raising awareness among ordinary citizens and professionals in psychology and education, work of psychologists in schools, with parents and their (LGBTQ) children. From Munich will join LGBTI*@schools, Aufklärungsprojekt München – activists from the community go to schools and inform about queer life. In Ukraine they share their experiences. Conference program

When: Saturday, 28th, and Sunday, 29th of September 2019
Where: Kyiv, Ukraine
Contact: Conrad Breyer, Maryna Shevtsova
Munich’s contribution by: CSD München, Munich Kyiv Queer, Cultural Department of Munich

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