Festival of Lesbian Art and Culture Munich: German Premiere of Ukrainian theater piece

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Lesbians from Ukraine talk about their lives. The stories are true. However, professional actors are interpreting them. We proudly present the theater group Zhiva Ja. The name goes back to the ancient Slavic goddess of vitality, love and wisdom, Zhiva, while the Russian word “Ja” means “Me”. Svitlana Hryhoriants und Anastasiia Kyrychenko take a look at gender roles and femininity. They show different perspectives and try to ​​overcome the internal homophobia. Zhiva Ja is inspiring and charming, open and sometimes sad.

Those spectators who want to participate actively can do it after the presentation. There will be a debate between the “social roles” of the actors and the audience. Translators will be available. We will play music and show a photo exhibition during the evening. The pictures give the women on stage a real face. The theater piece will be in Russian with German subtitles. Admission: 8/6 Euro. In the end, we all invite you to have some Ukrainian food. Any gender welcome!

Theater Premiere “The singing, the memory, the dialogue, the prayer”: Friday, 6th of November 2015, 8 p.m.; Eine-Welt-Haus, Schwanthalerstraße 80, Munich

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