Solidarity during the crisis: Munich Kiev Queer goes on

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Pro-Russian graffiti in Simferopol, Crimea

The news from Ukraine is overwhelming. No one can say with any degree of certainty how things will develop in Ukraine in the next hours let alone the next days or months. The people of Ukraine, especially those in the south and east of the country, have their hands full with just surviving. Lesbian, transgender or gay rights seem irrelevant. Or are they?

Human rights are not a luxury. Therefore the Munich Kiev Queer group is continuing with its work for as long as our friends and partners in Kiev and Ukraine ask for it. Our projects and actions are therefore also ongoing. In the first quarter of this year we held two exhibitions in Munich (K-olours) and Kiev (Gay Propaganda) in order to forward equal rights and acceptance for LGBT-people. In March, six volunteers from Ukraine came to Munich as our guests in order to participate in community building programs. We will not abandon our friends!

Gay Alliance Ukraine opens its first Queer Home in Odessa

Unfortunately, homophobia has not disappeared overnight in Ukraine and thus it makes no difference to us whether the so called “pro Russian” or “pro European” powers are in charge of the country. This has again been shown recently by the attack on our guest and volunteer Konstantin Maltsev, who was attacked a few weeks ago. A solidarity action has been started.

It’s difficult to believe the KyivPride now stands before us, but over 20 of our colleagues in Munich’s partner city, Kiev, have been working away organising the Kiev CSD. The financing is in place and the mobilisation of the community is well underway. As “Müncheners” we want to keep up our side of the bargain and we will be sending, as requested, a delegation to Kiev to support their CSD. Likewise we are looking forward to four women and three men from Ukraine joining in Munich’s CSD in July. As you see: Life goes on.

Will there be a KyivPride in 2014?

In August, Munich Kiev Queer plans on visiting Odessa. If the situation allows, we hope to repeat the “Gay Propaganda” event by Munich based artist, Naomi Lawence, which was already held in Kiev in February. In September we invite all to an exhibition at the Gasteig by Natalia Roi, entitled “No right to be herself”. A rich and diverse program is thus in planning and underway.

Our group comprises people who are totally dedicated to human rights and our members come from the broadest diversity of people in Munich and Kiev representing different abilities and work backgrounds. The Munich Kiev Queer contact group thus remain completely committed: We will not look away.

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