And once again about provocations: The beginning of “Rainbow Maidan for Yanukovych”

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Rainbow Maidan

They say: Ukraine’s president Victor Yanukovych (l.) was a friend of LGBT and they want to attack the country’s European ambitions. Right: José Barroso, President of the European Commission.

Kyiv, 25th of October 2013 – Lately the topic of LGBT became the main purpose of speculations. To reach their own goals anti-European forces try to play on fear and misunderstanding, and these goals are to convince the Ukrainians in the necessity of giving up on European integration course. While often the only trump card the opponents of bringing Ukraine closer to the EU have is “gay horror stories” and a mere assertions that Ukraine will start to conclude same-sex marriages immediately after the signing of the Association Agreement.

Questionable political strategies are harmful, not only by themselves, but also because they lead to increasing of aggression and preventing the implementation of political course of Ukraine towards Europe. At present the information about new provocations  that will be organized in Kyiv in the nearest future are being actively spread in the social networks. In particular, the initiative called itself Rainbow Maidan, announced its intention to conduct regular actions “(Victor) Yanukovych is our president,” starting from October 27.

Rainbow Maidan

Rainbow Maidan is called the initiative that shows rainbow-banners in all of Kyiv saying “Europe – is freedom”. It is a fake.

All-Ukrainian public organization Gay Alliance Ukraine cautions: These actions have no relations to LGBT-movement, they are acts of provocation and fakes and abusive at its core. This is evidenced, among other things, by the low quality of texts and materials published by the authors of this initiative in the social networks, misuse of LGBT-symbols and the ambiguous nature of the articulated messages. 

UPO Gay Alliance Ukraine once again appeals to the journalists, the editors of the mass media as well as to the representatives of the authorities and society with a request not to associate the LGBT-community with these actions, paid up by anti-Ukrainian provocateurs. The President of our organization Taras Karasiichuk officially declares: “LGBT-movement in Ukraine does not consider to be appropriate to put pressure on politicians. Therefore, up to the end of the November Summit in Vilnius, where the Association Agreement is expected to be signed, no actions are planned.”

(Gay Alliance Ukraine)

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