Munich Kyiv Cabaret – Drags for LGBTIQ* in Ukraine

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In the spirit of the ten year twincityship between Munich and Kyiv, artists from Munich have joined forces with some members of Munich Kyiv Queer to raise funds for queer people in Ukraine affected by the war.

And so, they offer an entertaining cabaret evening on 9th of December. The Munich based Drag Queen Vicky Voyage takes the audience on a spin through the local cabaret scene – but before things get started, the guests are already welcomed to the theatre by the “United Queens of Munich”. You may now attend the show!

Ruby Tuesday. Photo: Verena Gremmer.

When the curtain finally rises, the audience can expect a lot:

  • The Russian-German Drag King Perry Stroika presents masculinity with charm and glittery underwear
  • Drag Quing Merritt Ocracy from Ukraine is a pop-political art wonder
  • “Reality Salesman” Markus Laymann combines magic with intelligent comedy
  • Then enters Ruby Tuesday, enfant terrible of German burlesque. It gets hot on stage!
  • The Ukrainian Drag Ambassador Samantha Jackson has a great stage presence and an even greater voice
  • Last, but not least, Viriena will perform. With her Munich Kyiv Queer sends another musical envoy from Ukraine. Enjoy the evening!

Stagehand: Scary Jary. Admission from 6.30 pm. At the entrance, our team will be waiting at the info desk to answer your questions. We might hand out leaflets and other material.

When: Friday, 9th of December 2022, 8 p.m.; admission: 6.30 p.m.
Where: Drehleiher, Rosenheimer Straße 123
Tickets: HERE
Organized by: Ruby Tuesday, Munich Kyiv Queer

Here is how you can help:

Individual help

Munich Kyiv Queer has its own fundraising campaign via to support people in Ukraine with whom we have worked closely over the past ten years. They are our friends and partners. We know them personally and we miss them. We can help fast, directly and unbureaucratically.

Help for LGBTIQ* organisations

To support LGBTIQ* in Ukraine we have helped set up the Alliance Queer Emergency Aid Ukraine, in which around 40 German LGBTIQ* Human Rights organisations are involved. All these groups have access to very different Human Rights organisations in Ukraine and use funds for urgently needed care or evacuation of queer people. Every donation helps and is used 100 percent to benefit queer people in Ukraine. Donate here


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