Nothing about us without us: Queer Ukrainian Shorts

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We have been invited to present the Ukrainian short movies at the Queer Film Festival Munich on October 14th and are so proud of it. We are happy to come, will say a few words about the situation of LGBTIQ* in Ukraine and will collect donations for people in need.

Molodist x QFFM

We are happy that Bohdan Zhuk, an old friend from the renowned Molodist Film Festival in Kyiv, has curated this programme.

© Molodist

Ukrainian queer cinema does not have a long history. In the few Ukrainian films from the Soviet era that were allowed to be made and were not shelved for decades by harsh censorship, at best subtle hints or undertones of queerness (or exuality at all) may be found.

Any manifestation of “otherness” could hardly be imagined in the oppressive imperialist machine, and this otherness included any sign of Ukrainian national identity, which was deemed as harmful nationalism. The same narrative runs through Russia’s current colonialist policy toward Ukraine, which is now fighting an anti-colonial war.

Queer and straight people fight together

That is why parallels can be found between Ukrainian queerness and the broader Ukrainian identity, as both involve fighting for agency and life itself. LGBTIQ* people are joining the ranks of the military, volunteers, and others fighting for Ukraine’s very existence, and their unity is a sign of hope.

© Molodist

Ukrainian film has flourished in recent years, and queer cinema is becoming a notable and inextricable part of it. This program represents new queer Ukrainian voices that have the potential to become a major force in the Ukrainian and international film world.

As most film productions are being halted by the war, the future is uncertain, and they need support for their voices not to be silenced. FIND ALL DETAILS HERE

Here is how you can help:

Individual help

Munich Kyiv Queer has its own fundraising campaign via to support people in Ukraine with whom we have worked closely over the past ten years. They are our friends and partners. We know them personally and we miss them. We can help fast, directly and unbureaucratically.

Help for LGBTIQ* organisations

To support LGBTIQ* in Ukraine we have helped set up the Alliance Queer Emergency Aid Ukraine, in which around 40 German LGBTIQ* Human Rights organisations are involved. All these groups have access to very different Human Rights organisations in Ukraine and use funds for urgently needed care or evacuation of queer people. Every donation helps and is used 100 percent to benefit queer people in Ukraine. Donate here


When: Friday, 14th of October, 18.00
Where: City-Atelier-Kino, Sonnenstraße 12, 80331 München
Tickets: Buy here
Organized by: QFFM, Molodist, Munich Kyiv Queer

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