July 2019 – 50 years of Stonewall. Let’s start from the scratch?

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The Stonewall Riots mark the beginning of the LGBTI-movement as we know it today. Much has been achieved by the community from west to east since then, but isn’t that all in danger again? By populism, a shift to the right? We talk to activists* from the very beginning, pioneers from New York (Randy Wicker, videos), Munich (Stephanie Gerlach, Manfred Edinger), Moscow (Dmitrii Tolkachev) and Kyiv (Ruslana Panukhnyk). What kind of parallels can we draw, where does the development differ, is there a common strategy against hatred? Moderation: Michael Schilling, editor-in-chief of the Munich daily Abendzeitung

When: Thursday, 11th of July 2019, 7.30 p.m.
Where: Sub e.V., Müllerstraße 14, 80469 Munich
Contact: Conrad Breyer
Organized by: CSD Munich, Sub, KyivPride, Munich Kyiv Queer, Cultural Department of Munich

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