#FundReise Day 21 – Bye, Kyiv

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Sibylle is extending her stay. But before she sets off for Kharkiv, she meets some more people she knows and says goodbye to others who have accompanied her on this journey through Ukraine. She sees Anna, Lena and Toma as well as Sasha, the refugee from Kharkiv who now runs a small café in Kyiv.

This is the blog of Sibylle von Tiedemann, co-founder of Munich Kyiv Queer. She no longer wanted to just watch what’s happening in Ukraine and travelled there. She visits our friends and partners, writes this blog and collects donations.

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I am going to stay a little bit longer. Originally, I planned to travel 10 days through Ukraine. As I have always been aware of the fact that everything will take longer in a country where fundamental things like electricity, heating, water and internet are lacking.

But everything I experience here is extreme. Extremely normal and, at the same time, extremely defined by the war. Visits in restaurants and seeking shelter in bunkers alternate. I meet many people. That’s nice. But I meet them on my own, writing for you in Europe. That’s the war. I’m in Kyiv and the Ukrainian women who have left the country like my Facebook posts from Berlin, Munich … just from everywhere. They are the reason why I am here in Ukraine right now.

And while I’m here, I’m planning a Christmas trip. To Kharkiv. For you, that means: You soon can read a few more blog posts. Because without you, this won’t work…

Meeting with Anna Dovgopol in Kyiv. Photo: Sibylle von Tiedemann

Anna Dovgopol is now back in Ukraine. She is a long-time friend of Munich Kyiv Queer and also stayed with me during her visits to Munich for Pride.

The war has completely changed Anna’s life. She was the coordinator of the gender programme at the Heinrich Böll Foundation for many years. In spring, she fled to the Baltic States for a short time. Now she lives in Lviv and works for CARE International Ukraine. “Now is not the time for theory, now is the time for practical support,” she explains.

I spend one last day with Lena and Toma in Kyiv. We stroll through Podil, a district that is very popular with hipsters. We walk up Andrew’s Descent and end up in the Crimean Tatar restaurant Musafir. It was nice.

There were some balloons left from the “heart” I carried along MunichPride in July 2022. I brought them with me to Kyiv and am attaching two to the tank barrier in front of Banksy’s artwork. For the children, if only symbolically.

Balloons for Banksy. Photo: Sibylle von Tiedemann

And once again I visit Sasha, the refugee from Kharkiv who runs a small café in Kyiv. I’d like to buy souvenirs for you all. And I need to say goodbye.

What a surprise when I notice that Sasha has immortalised a little piece of Munich on the map in his café, as you can see here in the VIDEO. I always enjoyed being with him.

Café owner Sasha immortalises Munich on his map. Video: Sibylle von Tiedemann

I also have to say goodbye to Edward and the cat Kaja. Edward was a good host to me.

The fact that I was able to stay in Kyiv on a private basis made this trip possible in the first place. Lenny Emson, director of KyivPride, arranged this valuable contact for me and perhaps also took into consideration that, except for two days, Edward’s flat was always heated.

Sibylle in front of Edward’s house. Photo: Sibylle von Tiedemann

After the Christmas break, I will continue with my blog from my Christmas trip to Kharkiv.

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Individual help

Munich Kyiv Queer has its own fundraising campaign via to support people in Ukraine with whom we have worked closely over the past ten years. Keyword: #FundReise. They are our friends and partners. We know them personally and we miss them. We can help fast, directly and unbureaucratically.

Help for War Victims

The association “Bridge to Kiev” supports people in need, especially children and large families.

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A donation receipt can be issued for donations of 200 euros and more.

Help for LGBTIQ* organisations

To support LGBTIQ* in Ukraine we have helped set up the Alliance Queer Emergency Aid Ukraine, in which around 40 German LGBTIQ* Human Rights organisations are involved. All these groups have access to very different Human Rights organisations in Ukraine and use funds for urgently needed care or evacuation of queer people. Every donation helps and is used 100 percent to benefit queer people in Ukraine. Donate here


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