Thank you, community!

07.05.2022 | cb — No comments

Your willingness to donate is breaking all records: The German LGBTIQ*-community has collected more than 500,000 euros for queer people in need!

First results are just: Wow!

Protecting LGBTIQ*s in and from Ukraine is what we as an alliance set out to do when we started our work two months ago. And we are thrilled about the results so far.

Hotel in Belgorod-Dnestrovki. Photo: Elena Rabkina / Unsplash

But, or course, we have to keep on, because we need to help many more people who are currently suffering from the war.

Keep on donating!

We need your support until as many people as possible are safe. You know that queer people have their own needs for help due to stigmatisation, discrimination and violence. Now it’s time: Keep on donating!

You too can help with a donation!

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