“I don’t have dreams anymore”, Oleg from Chernihiv

15.07.2022 | Nick Tomilin — No comments

Before the war, people dreamed and made plans, but now they see each one of you as a savior. Helping someone to survive, we actually give one’s dreams a chance to come true. And the MunichKyivQueer team expresses our sincere thanks to everyone who supports our friends from Ukraine. After all, life is of the highest value, and goodwill always wins! Here is a story from Oleg from Chernihiv.

“My name is Oleg, I’m 24. I’m from Chernihiv but spent my entire life in Kyiv where I currently rent a room.

Before the war, I was engaged in ballroom choreography, visited art centers, and worked as a waiter. A few days before the invasion I quit my job because I signed a contract to partake in a dance project on a cruise ship.

I felt emptiness, just emptiness

On the night of February 24, I was walking in Obolon with a friend. Then suddenly he read that russian troops had occupied cities in the east of Ukraine and were advancing on Mariupol. I couldn’t believe it! But I didn’t immediately feel anger or sadness: when the explosions already sounded in Kyiv and the region, I felt very sad and bitter.

I didn’t feel spite when the war started, I just felt emptiness because people were losing their lives. It really hurts. Over time, I stopped seeing anyways for self-realization. Stability is important to me, and all I had at that time was fear of the future. Before the war, there was a great opportunity to go abroad, travel, and earn money, but everything was gone.

And then I got help

In the first days of the war, I moved to the Mukachevo district. But when the situation in the capital went calmer I returned home and immediately faced issues in finding a job.

Having no income, I started using pawnshop services and realized that I needed at least some help. A friend from the community advised me to contact you.

Now I have a job again

I didn’t immediately believe that I would be able to get anything, but there was nowhere else to look – I decided to try, and the coordinator of the Public Organization “You are not alone” contacted me soon after. I just answered a few questions, wrote a receipt, and received the funds the same day.

I bought basic products that I still use now, my needs, for now, were met, and I am extremely grateful for that. I also shared a small amount with a friend. I really enjoy helping others around me. And now I have a job and I’m actually glad that I won’t be dependent on anyone anymore. Thank you!”

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