Why Nadia helps animals, too

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written by the NGO “You are not alone”

Thanks to your support, we have been helping Ukrainian LGBTIQ* for almost four months now. And as you will learn from the following story, this help is not limited to only humans.

Quite a lot of representatives of the Ukrainian community are such responsive individuals that they aren’t leaving behind the smaller members of their families. Moreover, their pets even often stand before their owners’ health issues. A big heart is what unites us all.

Nadia and one of her puppies. Photo from a private archive

“My name is Nadia. I’m 27 years old and I’m a caretaker of my 12 years old brother Timur. We also have four dogs, two cats, nine kittens (dropped off nearby our house) and a parrot under our care. We live in Zaporizhzhya.

We thought it could not get any worse

Each animal has its own story to tell. For instance, one dog was found together with its brothers in a bag at a landfill. We are also orphans as well as them, as we lost all our relatives in a period of six years. Some of them died due to illness, and two road accidents at different times. My brother and I thought it couldn’t get any worse. But then, this damn war has started.

Nadia’s fosterlings. Collage: Photo from a private archive

Before the war, I worked as an agent in a call center and also attended permanent make-up courses. I lost my job and I ran out of money. Of course, I couldn’t finish the courses either. Stressed out, my health started to deteriorate day by day.

Pilss help me to survive

For the next two years, I have taken pills thanks to which I am able to live normally. Without them, I suffer hellish “female” pain. My brother is allergic and now it’s summer. I think you understand what that means.

Nadia’s fosterlings. Collage: Photo from a private archive

And then that “black day” kicks i, and you realize that today there is nothing to feed the dogs and cats with. You just don’t know where to run, which door to knock on.

To help my pets was so much more important than my pride

On this very day, a friend of mine texted about the NGO “You are not alone” (an organisation that is co-financed by donations of the Alliance Queere Nothilfe Ukraine to whom Munich Kyiv Queer belongs too; editors’ note).

To be honest, it was embarrassing to message them at first. But feeding animals is much more important to me than my pride. I filled out the form and told my story, sent a receipt and immediately received the funds!

Now my pets are well fed, and my brother and I have the necessary medicine!”

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