“The war destroyed all our plans”

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They had big ideas. Renovate their house, travel the country, get married. But then everything turned out quite differently. In these days, Alex and Galina are happy when they are able to buy something to eat. A story from Kharkiv, curated by our partner organisation “You are not alone” in Zhytomyr.

We are an open LGBTIQ* family: me, Alex, my wife and her mother – a wonderful and accepting woman to whom I bow deeply. And our cat Lucy.

Now we are living in Kharkiv, but originally we are from Slovyansk. I am a chef with 20 years of professional experience. We worked a lot, but when we had a day off, we usually travelled because we really like old cities and buildings. Whenever it was possible, we worked out a route in advance, took photos, or looked around. It was so amazing!

The war was like a cold shower

On February 24, I woke up around 6 am and opened social media. A feeling of surrealism seized me, like a cold shower.

I woke my wife with the words: ‘My darling, there is a war out there.’ And then everything was gone: The work, the plans for the spring and summer, the everyday moments, from the little things to the repair of our old house. CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Alex and Galina. Photo: private

Since then, life was clearly divided into “before the war” and “now”. We had also planned to get married somewhere in Europe, which was also ruined.

In March, our friends from Kharkiv were evacuated and offered us to move into their apartment, and now we take care of their flowers and the fish. But then we had nothing left for which we could have bought even a loaf of bread.

Lucy is hungry, too

Besides, you can’t explain to an animal why it is not fed. Our nerves began to aggravate health problems. All the needs piled up at once – food, feminine hygiene, painkillers. Thanks to God that the city of Kharkiv does not yet require us to pay for utilities.

Family cat Lucy. private

At some point, our friend wrote in Telegram: ‘Alex, there is an organization (“You are not alone”, editor’s note) that really helps, be sure to contact them.’ We didn’t text them right away – we were very embarrassed to ask for help.

Life in the desert

But everything worked out great – we got an answer the very next day. We received the money by card transfer. After that, we immediately ran to the pharmacy, bought food for the cat, and only later cereals, potatoes, flour and chicken for us.

Imagine you are in the desert and have not drunk anything for three days when suddenly a canister of cool water is handed to you. That’s precisely what happened with us.

Here is how you can help:

Individual help

Munich Kyiv Queer has its own fundraising campaign via to support people in Ukraine with whom we have worked closely over the past ten years. They are our friends and partners. We know them personally and we miss them. We can help fast, directly and unbureaucratically.

Help for LGBTIQ* organisations

To support LGBTIQ* in Ukraine we have helped set up the Alliance Queer Emergency Aid Ukraine, in which around 40 German LGBTIQ* Human Rights organisations are involved. All these groups have access to very different Human Rights organisations in Ukraine and use funds for urgently needed care or evacuation of queer people. Every donation helps and is used 100 percent to benefit queer people in Ukraine. Donate here


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