Since then, everything has changed dramatically – a story from Lviv

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Munich Kyiv Queer, in cooperation with the NGO “You Are Not Alone,” continues to help Ukrainian LGBTQI – and all this – thanks to you, friends!

Your daily contributions work wonders, rescuing people from shelling and helping them adapt to new, safer locations. A vivid example is the following story of a wonderful couple of guys from Eastern Ukraine who dared to tell their story without hiding their faces and names openly.

Collage by NGO “You Are Not Alone”

“My name is Denys; I am 21 years old. I come from the Luhansk region. I have lived and studied in Kharkiv for the last 4 years. I live with my boyfriend.

Before the full-scale invasion, I had a normal, peaceful life. I studied, worked in a call center as an operator, and had a good time with my boyfriend and friends. I used to work at school for one year as an extended day group tutor.

When it all started, I was in a dormitory in Kharkiv and had not yet slept. The first explosions were heard and I thought at first that it were fireworks, but then it occurred to me that the windows could not shake from the fireworks. I read in the news that the invasion had begun. Two days after the Russian attack, my boyfriend and I moved from Kharkiv to Pokotylovka to the boyfriend’s relatives.

The queue for help is long

Then my parents took me to the Luhansk region. And from there I then moved to Lviv. Since then, everything has changed dramatically. I can no longer see my friends and walk with them arround the city, in the parks and streets of Kharkiv. I lost the job I loved, I don’t see my family anymore.

When we found ourselves in Lviv without housing, without work, and the money began to run out, there was a need to seek financial assistance. I accidentally found a publication about the NGO “You Are Not Alone” on social media, where it was proposed to fill out a short questionnaire. We had to wait a bit, because the queue for such support is definitely not small.

Collage by NGO “You Are Not Alone”

But a couple of days later, I received a positive response, and we finally got financial aid. At first, my boyfriend and I received 1000 UAH each, and 10 days later another 500 UAH each. A total of 3,000. We needed money for food, personal hygiene and housing. Now we live in an apartment and are trying to get a job.

The aid from the NGO “You are not alone” gave us the opportunity to find housing and feed ourselves in the most difficult days of stress and instability. After all, we feel more or less safe here in Lviv. I would like to express my gratitude for the help to your organization and all the donors. It is very cool that there are organizations that provide assistance to those who need it during such challenging times.”

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