“These people came to the rescue like no other”

10.06.2022 | Nikki T — No comments

Our next hero, despite remaining in a perilous place, continues to support the volunteer movement and help fellow citizens in Ukraine. This is the story of Yurii from Kharkiv.

Yurii. Photo: private.

“My name is Yurii. I am 54 years old and live in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I am a confectioner by profession and I gave eleven years to this sweet business.

Before the warfare, I worked as a security guard in a clothing and footwear store and volunteered. I, like many other Kharkiv inhabitants, when the war broke out, lost my job.

I currently live in a rented apartment because my apartment was damaged during the shelling. For some time, before moving to a new place, I found temporary shelter on the Academy of Culture’s premises, with the Kharkiv administration’s permission.

But my stay in that room was limited, and I had to rely on myself. But I was not even paid my last salary in full and haven’t had enough to rent an apartment. And with the city’s total commotion, finding a new job is simply unrealistic.

Donated food. Collage by NGO “You are not Alone”

And only thanks to the great people from Germany, I could pay for the apartment, replenish my mobile account and the Internet. So far, I am staying in Kharkiv, and I have to hear explosions every day. But I still hope to move to Chernivtsi soon for a few months to be able to have at least some moral rest.

Approaching victory together

Many thanks to everyone who cares. These people came to the rescue like no other. Together with God’s help, we are approaching our victory!”

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