Munich Sport Festival: Outreach program for Ukraine

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The LGBTI*-Communities of the sister cities Munich and Kyiv have been working closely together for a number of years now. Citizens of Munich were there when Kyiv held its first ever Pride, and many members of our communities have since taken part in the various exchanges and volunteer training programs which take place each year. The communities also put on joint cultural events in the two cities, raising awareness for issues that concern us and fostering international solidarity.

Building a community

By running an outreach program for the 10th SummerSportFestival 2020, we aim to strengthen and further this productive international cooperation. We specifically hope that the sportspeople we support will be inspired and motivated by their experiences here with us – with you! – in Munich this summer, and that they will be encouraged to set up teams and sports clubs in their own country as a means of enriching the life of the community there and providing safe spaces for them.

Solidarity and team spirit are essential if you live in a country which is still rife with homophobia and transphobia, and the visibility of a strengthened community helps break down prejudice across the rest of society. Here’s the website to donate.

Help us

Your donation can make a difference. Donations up to EUR 50 can be booked directly on this page. Higher donations with amounts starting at EUR 55, for which you’ll get a donation receipt if you include your name and address in the transfer, please transfer to:

Team Munich e.V.
Munich Bank
IBAN: EN85 7019 0000 0002 6900 80
Transfer purpose: “SSF 2020 Outreach Ukraine. Donation receipt to: surname, first name, street, postcode, city”.

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