May 2020: Community Buildling

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For the sixth time already, seven activists* from different cities in Ukraine will be our guests for a week of exciting workshops in Munich. The name of the project refers to its goal: community building. After all, a strong and vibrant LGBTI*-community can only exist if people get involved in volunteer work and battle for something that is close to their hearts. This shaped the beginning of the entire emancipation movement in Munich and Germany decades ago.

We put together a varied programme for our guests from Ukraine: Central to this are discussions with people from LGBTI* groups or associations who organise and accompany voluntary work, as well as discussions with volunteers who report on their work and why this commitment is so important to them. Each time, the participants draw a very positive conclusion of the week for themselves and take home ideas for concrete projects.

When: 3rd to 10th of May 2020
Where: Sub, Müllerstrasse 14, Munich
Contact: Uwe Hagenberg
Organised by: Munich Pride, Gay Alliance Ukraine, Munich Kyiv Queer, Cultural Department of the City of Munich

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