June 2020 – Join Munich’s delegation at KyivPride!

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Last year, Munich was all about Odesa. The international LGBTI* choir festival Q-Fest took place there for the second time and almost 50 Munichers* wanted to be there. They also bravely participated in OdesaPride. Well done! We support our friends* in Ukraine.

This year we want to be present with a large delegation in our twin city Kyiv during the Pride again. PrideWeek is expected to start on Monday, June 15th, and end on Saturday, June 20th – with a concert of Munich’s project choir Monadessa, that was founded in 2019 especially for Odesa. The March itself will take place on Sunday, June 21.

Not Pride without pressure

We travel to Kyiv every year to support the LGBTI* activists with a strong delegation and corresponding back-up from Munich’s City Hall. In 2019, city councillor Dominik Krause was there, and before former city councillor Lydia Dietrich, the mother of the Kyiv-Munich cooperation. “This is necessary”, says the managing director of KyivPride, Ruslana Panukhnyk. Without the great support from abroad, Kyiv’s community would hardly be able to assert itself with its demands.

Police, city administration – they all try again and again to put obstacles in the way of the organisers. Only pressure helps. Otherwise, KyivPride would never have brought together 8000 people in the centre of this beautiful city, perfectly secured, audible over a distance of one and a half kilometres, present in the national media. The visibility has improved the situation for LGBTI* in Ukraine from year to year since 2013, people have less prejudices today. Even if a small, malicious minority of nationalists mobilizes against LGBTI* and does not shy away from violence.

A colourful, self-confident community

Therefore, join KyivPride when we are all together, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and inter*, marching sidy by side with dozens of people from Munich and in solidarity with our friends from Ukraine for equal rights and acceptance. LGBTI* have almost nothing in Ukraine: There’s no anti-discrimination law to protect them, no provisions on hate crimes, no self-determination for trans* people, no registered partnership or even marriage for all; but there are a lot of reservations and hatred for them.

Join us and get to know an impressively diverse, strong and self-confident community in Kyiv, that attaches great importance to the visibility of lesbians and trans* people. They have a voice here, especially in the organisation of KyivPride! The community is generally becoming more diverse with fetish groups, drag queens, choirs. Every year the PrideWeek is very instructive, colorful, full of life with its art workshops and parties. And those who take part in Pride deliver a valuable contribution that really makes a difference.

When: June 15 to 21, 2020
Where: Kyiv
Contact: Stas Mishchenko, Conrad Breyer
Organised by: CSD Munich, KyivPride, Munich Kyiv Queer, Cultural Department of the City of Munich


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